Piwigo's basic features are enhanced with extensions called plugins. Some plugins are available to all customers, others are only available for certain offers.

Here is a summary of the plugins available in each plan.

<aside> ℹ️ If you are looking for a particular plugin, do a Ctrl+F (Cmd+F on Mac) on this page and search for the name of the plugin in question.


Admin Tools Allow administrators to perform some administration tasks from the gallery (photo editing, album editing...)
AlwaysShowMetadata Always display photos' metadata on the gallery.
Automatic Size Change the default file size displayed according to the screen size. Not compatible with Modus and Bootstrap Darkroom themes
Back2Front Display an alternative version of a photo: like the back of a card, before and after...
Batch Manager Prefilters Add new filters in batch management
Batch Manager, Photo Description Add a new filter "With/without description" in the batch management
BBCode Bar Be able to format the text in the comments
Birthdate Add a date of birth to a tag: allows you to give an age to the photos.
Bootstrap Default Language Switch Change the language from the Bootstrap themes submenu
Color Palette Be able to extract colors from a photo and search for photos by color
Comments Blacklist Define a list of forbidden words in the comments
Comments on albums Be able to add a comment on an album page
Crypto Captcha Add a captcha on the forms (comments, contact, registration...)
Custom Download Link Add a big download button on the page of a photo
Delete Hit/Rate Purge the number of notes / views from one or more photos
Download Counter Display the number of downloads for each photo
Edit Filename Change the name of the file
Embedded Videos Insert videos from Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Wat, Wideo...
Exif View Translate EXIF values into the language of the gallery
Exiftools GPS Find the GPS coordinates of a file when Piwigo has not found them.
FCK Editor Add a Wysiwyg editor to customize the entered texts (bold, italic, styles...)
Fotorama Display another slideshow than the default one
Gthumb+ Change the thumbnail display on an album
Hide Title on Browse Path Do not display the name of the photo on the breadcrumb trail
Image Preview Display the image when hovering over the thumbnail in the gallery.
IPTC from Mac Convert IPTC data written in MacRoman to UTF-8 encoding (to be activated if you have strange characters in your IPTC data)
Language Switch Change the language via flags on the gallery
Lightbox Display a photo in a lightbox instead of on a Photo page
Localfiles Editor Edit Piwigo files from the administration
Loupe Allows you to zoom in on a photo with the mouse cursor.
Menu Random Photo Add a menu item displaying a random photo
Menu Tags Add a menu tags when no related tags
Mobile Theme for Tablets Apply mobile theme for tablets
No Stats for Robots Do not count robots in statistics
OpenStreetMap Display photos on an OpenStreetMap
Panoramas Allows you to navigate in a panoramic image
Permalink Generator Generate a permalink per album automatically : allows to decorrelate the name of an album and its url
Photo Update Be able to update the photo file from the administration without changing the properties
Piwishack Generate an iframe code to integrate photos on a blog, a website...
Posted Date Changer Change the date of addition of files to a selection
Protect Notification Do not display the webmaster's email address in the notification emails
Read Metadata Be able to extract all metadata from a file in the gallery.
Reset Manual Order Adds an option in the sorting order of the photos within an album.
rightclick Disable right-click on photos over a certain size
Rotate Image Rotate a photo or a selection of photos
RV Askimet Control spam in comments via the Askimet service
RV autocomplete Enable autocompletion in the search engine
RV Menu Tree Manage the album tree in the Albums menu
RV Thumb Scroller Load thumbnails asynchronously as you scroll on a page
Show Photo Identifier Add the photo ID on the photo page
Social Buttons Add sharing buttons on social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest...)
Stop Spammers Manage anti-spam settings
Subscribe to Comments Be notified by email when a new comment is made on a photo/album (not compatible with the theme Bootstrap Darkroom)
Tag to Keyword Rename "tag" to "keyword
Take a tour of Piwigo Show a tour of Piwigo when an admin user logs in for the first time
Theme Switch Change theme easily on the gallery
Thumbnail Tooltip Customize the content of the tooltip displayed when you move the mouse over a photo in the gallery (not compatible wth Modus theme)
VideoJS Manage video files
Add <head> element Add code in the <head> section of your pages (add custom javascript)
Additional Pages Add additional pages to your gallery
Advanced Menu Manager Customize the gallery menu in a more advanced way
Antiaspi Prevent hackers from sucking content from Piwigo. Allows to ban IP addresses if abusive access is detected.
AStat.2 Access advanced statistics on your gallery usage
Batch Downloader Allow users to download a selection of photos in a batch as a Zip file.
Colored Tags Associate a tag with a color
Contact 1 menu Add the Contact page to the menu (requires installing ContactForm)
Contact form Add a Contact page with a form
Cookie Consent Add a banner on the site to inform the visitor (cookies, disclaimer...)
Download by Size Allow visitors to choose the download size of a photo
Extended Description Enriches description management: add a short / long description on albums, multilingual descriptions...Adds also other customization options to your gallery: hide a photo / an album, insert on any page a login link, a slideshow, a photo, an album...
Header Manager Access to advanced options to set up a banner on your gallery.
meta Customize Meta tags (description, author, robots, keywords) for search engines
Meta Open Graph Customize open graph metadata of pages for social networks
Paypal Shopping Cart Sell photos with Paypal
Perso Footer Customize the information displayed in the gallery footer
Personal Favicon Add a custom favicon to your gallery
Private Share Generate a link to share a private file and send it by email to a person who does not have an account on your Piwigo.
PWG Stuffs Various options to customize the gallery pages via blocks: login, tags, most viewed photos... Blocks can be visible or not depending on the users
ShareAlbum Generate a link to share a private album and send it by email to someone who does not have an account.
Statistics Add an external script to track visits (Google Analytic, Matomo...)
Title Customize the Meta Title tag of pages for search engines
Add tags mass Add a list of tags at once instead of one by one
Add User Notes Allow administrators to add comments about users
Admin messages Allow administrators to add messages on the Piwigo administration homepage (to communicate with other administrators)
Batch Manager, Added By Add a new filter "added by" in the batch management
Community Allow non-admin users to add photos to Piwigo from the gallery
Copyrights Manage copyrights on photos
Download Permissions Set up album by album the possibility to download the photos or not
Export Data Export data to a spreadsheet (albums, photos, comments, downloads)
Manage Properties Photos Add custom fields to your photos
PDF2Tab Open PDF files in a new tab
Photo added by Add on each photo the information "Added by"
Quick Fav Add a photo to your favorites in one click (only for Bootstrap Darkroom theme)
See my photos Add a "My Photos" menu
See photos by user Add a menu to view photos by user
Upload 1 menu Add the "Add photos" menu in level 1 of the gallery (linked to the Community plugin)
User Collections Allow each user to create, save and share collections / selections of photos
Write Metadata Write photo properties (title, description, tags...) in IPTC metadata
User Custom Fields Add custom properties for users.
Batch Downloader (premium) Have an administrator validate all batch file upload requests.
Download formats buttons Add buttons to choose the format of the file downloaded.
Download Limits Limit the number of downloads per day
Expiry Date Manage automatic expiration dates for files
External reference Add an external reference to an album. Can only be managed through API.
Properties Mass Update Update the properties of a selection of files in bulk from a csv file import
User Mass Register Register multiple users in bulk
Smartalbums Create smart albums, automatically filled according to various criteria.
Tag Groups Create groups of tags. Allows you to set up custom filters on the gallery.
LDAP login Allows Piwigo to connect to an Active Directory (LDAP)
Microsoft 365 connect Allows Piwigo to connect to an Azure Active Directory
Password Policy Determine security rules for user passwords: complexity score, renewal policy, management of failed login attempts, etc.